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Beth, in a move unusual for her- strode. Strode indeed, her tight legs uncovered from her short shorts and her thin, athletic, arms equally on display from the form-fitting red dress she wore. The only thick part of her was her above average breasts, and her pace was calculated to best show them off, chest ahead of her like a proud display. It would be fair to call her lithe, or perhaps attractively thin. That perfect point where one was thin enough to be flexible, but retained curves in the right places.

The only evidence the woman had been heavier a month ago was her rear, still a little plump. Most men like that though- so it wasn’t too much of a worry. She had even gotten a fresh haircut, and her black hair was long and perfectly cleaned up, softly curving along her back to around the middle. Quite breathtaking alongside her beautiful black coat of pristine fur.

All of this was for a reason- and that reason was standing behind a desk a few meters ahead of her. His name was Mark, and he was a classically attractive man. His dark brown hair had grown out a bit in the month she had been lusting after him, and he had gotten a new set of glasses that served to almost zoom-in on his deep blue eyes. He was well muscled in a subtle way- it was only when he flexed them that one would really notice. His own fur was rather floofy, a brown and white sable colouring classic to a sheepdog like him. His ears were always pointed, a subtle sign of masculinity.

Mark had been eying Beth for close to a month, a clearly attracted blush on his face when they first met. On that day she had made it her mission to impress him, and it had taken a lot of hard work- but here she was. Thankful for the lack of a line, she leaned over the counter and smiled at him, batting her eyelashes.

“Oh Maaaark,” she spoke, her voice dripping with femininity. “Remember me?”

Mark, who was currently stirring some soft-serve ice cream by hand- flexing his arms and sending a shiver down Beth’s spine- turned to her. He pushed up his glasses and squinted at her.

“Uh, Beth- right?” he says, and glances at her bust for a moment- but seems to have no trouble keeping his eyes off it for the time being. “Can I uh, help you?”

Beth smiled at him- even her teeth had been whitened to perfection. “I don’t know- can you?” she asked.

Mark tilted an eyebrow. “Uh- are you here to buy ice cream?”

Beth blinked, this wasn’t quite going as she had suspected. Granted she wasn’t dumb enough to think it would be the perfect fantasy- but he didn’t even seem to notice her. Still, she had a few aces up her sleeve. Subtly, she pulled down her shirt, and enhanced the effect of her cleavage.

“Maybe.. but I’m more interested in who’s selling it.”

Mark blinked, and then looked her over more closely. “Beth- did you uh… did you lose weight?”

Finally, he noticed something! Beth’s heart raced and she giggled giddily. “I did! Nearly fifty pounds- and look at me now,” she said, and pushed off from the counter to give him a spin. “I actually had this dress since Christmas… just never fit into it…”

“Uh… Beth…” Mark swallowed, seemed he was trying to figure out how to best express something awkward.
“Yes?” Beth asked, her giddiness clouding her mind. He was going to ask her out, surely!

Mark clenched his hands, which caused him to flex his arms. Beth’s eyes were quite set on them and his words blurred in her mind, but the final few jumpstarted her brain and her ears perked up as she stared back at him.

“… bigger girls.”

Beth blinked. “You… wait what?”

Mark sighed. “I like bigger girls. Honestly, I found you more attractive a month ago. I’m flattered you did this uh- for me- but…”

The rest of his words were cut off by a short order, from Beth: “Extra large, strawberry.” Followed by another ten minutes later, and another after that. She had decided to drown her sorrows in ice cream, and was busy switching between the flavours of the three extra-large bowls of ice cream before her. He liked larger girls!

Beth growled softly to herself, and stuck the spoon back in her mouth. Repeat over and over, stomach slowly expanding with ice cream. She ignored the brain freeze that came up now and then- it just served to better dull the pain.

“He likes,” she gasped, that dress was getting rather tight on her, “Larger,” she groaned, and another spoonful made it’s way inside her.

With a dull tearing noise that became an abrupt snap, the middle of the dress gave way and her bloated gut plopped into her lap. Beth sighed blissfully- it was quite a good feeling to be that full again.

There was more ice cream to be had too, and she pigged out on it. More than a gallon in all, when she finally finished it all and sat back she felt nearly ready to burst open, with her stomach making dull groaning sounds and a burp rolling out of her now and then. She was quite aware of the odd looks she got- and she didn’t care. This ice cream was her baby now.

Sure looked like it anyway- and wouldn’t you know, it had gotten Mark’s attention. He came to collect her dishes- and he was certainly blushing now. Beth laughed, and the motion made her engorged stomach jiggle around, causing her laughing to segue into a series of low burps.

“I uh…” Mark halted before her, having trouble keeping his eyes off her middle. “Trust you enjoyed yourself?” he asked, stacking her three- utterly cleaned out- bowls onto of eachother.

“I… *hic*… oh you can bet on that. I haven’t gorged like that in a month,” Beth said, teasing him slightly. The word “gorge” in itself seemed to get him going. She put a hand to her belly, and squished it slightly.

“When are you… *urp*… off?” she asked, deep breaths between words from sheer stuffing.

Mark shrugged, and took off his apron, leaving it on the table. “Honestly- my dad owns this stall, I just show up when I’ve got spare time to pick up chicks and make a little cash…”

Beth giggled, which again left her burping repeatedly- it was a good half minute before she could speak coherently. “Mmm well then, handsome- your place or mine?”


It so turned out that Mark’s place was a small condo only a few minutes from the mall- or a few minutes at a normal pace. Beth’s awkward waddle as she carried her ice-cream baby slowed her down, and when she arrived she was cradling it like it really was a baby. Overstuffed and almost numb, she was happy that- in the end- she had gotten what she wanted.

Mark led her in, and she got a nice look at his sculpted rear in those tight jeans as he did. Beth was led into a small room with a television and a window to the outside, and she gingerly lowered herself into a couch with a pleased sigh. She was close to a food coma- but Mark looked at her so lovingly, and perhaps she had some room left…

Beth burped, and then groaned, suddenly feeling a wave of pressure in her belly. She had been out of practice for too long, what she needed now… was a nap.

“Ate too much did you? Well be my guest. There’s ca-“

Mark trailed off, as Beth had already gone to sleep. He spared a few moments to enjoy the way her breasts and belly moved softly with her deep breathing, and then darted off. There were preparations to be made- food to be cooked.

When Beth awoke, markedly less stuffed and ever so slightly rounder, she blinked and then sat up quickly as the smell of food entered her nostrils. Stomach growling in demand, the thin woman was shocked to see a table before her- and a lot of food. Judging from the evening light outside she had been out for a few hours, and judging by the pile of food before her Mark had spent the entire time cooking. Steak, several pies- it was a veritable buffet just for her. There was also, indeed, cake.

Mark noticed her wake and sat beside her, gingerly placing a hand on her thigh. Beth allowed it- even if it was a bit forward so early, and smiled at him. “Well aren’t you indulgent- I haven’t seen this much food since Christmas with the family…” she said, and grinned all the wider. “I ate half of it.”

Mark swallowed, “That’s an enticing thought- but I hope I’m not being too forward. I’ve never met anyone with your… capacity before. I think we’ll get along well- very well.”

Beth giggled. “So you like bigger women?” she said, and looked towards the food, and then to Mark. “Then maybe you can get me back where I was…”

Her stomach rumbled in approval.

“Honestly this is all… new to me. I suppose I’m your… feedee?”

The almost shining blush on Mark’s face and tremble of his hands made Beth grin- she was reading him like a book. “Well then- feeder- feed me.”

Feed her he did. For close to an hour Beth enjoyed food like she never had before. She made short work of a large steak, finding it to be incredibly well prepared, and then went onto the better part of a ham. Experimenting with the spread before her she tried several different kinds of noodles and drank almost a half litre of milk. Her stomach slowly bloated and those demanding rumbles gave way to softer tremors of laboured digestion as her body began processing all that food, and her breaths became slowed from lethargy. Eventually, she sat down her fork, and leaned back.

Mark picked it up, and teased her with a cut of ham. “Surely you’re not done yet- look at all the food that’s left? It’s all for you, Beth…”

Beth groaned, but was unable to stop herself from mechanically biting at the fork and slowly chewing the ham. “More,” she said simply- surprising herself with this hazy demand.

So he fed her more, and she finished that entire ham before she became too lost in an over-full stupor to even notice the food being offered. She was packed- incredibly so. Her stomach was easily as large as it had been a month ago, and then some, from food mass alone. Mark toyed with the idea of massaging it- but put that aside. For now he cleaned up, and let Beth enjoy the feeling of being more well fed than most people ever would be.

When the table was cleared Mark returned, obviously aroused but not the sort to do anything unsavoury. He wore a constant blush on his face as he looked down at Beth, and she looked back up at him, poking her engorged belly. Blushing profusely- she had always toyed with this in her mind but never had the chance to put it to work- she spoke softly.

“Rub *hic* me.”

Mark shuddered, not having dared imagine Beth might invite him. He pushed the table back and leaned before her, putting his warm hands on her. She groaned immediately as they touched her, and when he began to knead her- apparently having experience with this- she shuddered and sighed with pleasure. His ministrations slowly gained speed and depth as he relaxed and massaged the over-worked stomach muscles, and her belly actually enlarged ever so slightly as the muscles stretched. Beth burped as often as she sighed, amazingly pleasurable releases of built up gas as Mark’s hands worked out any pockets inside her.

Incredibly pleased, she passed out after a little more than a half hour of this. Mark left her to her slumber, applying a warm blanket and tending to his own needs before sleeping himself.

In the morning he walked her back home, and Beth gave him a smooch on the cheek. This was the start of something special indeed.


The pattern kept up for close to a month afterwards. Beth went to the mall, teased Mark at work by eating a copious amount of ice cream, and then went home with him to stuff her face to increasingly impressive extremes. She even took him out clothes shopping- loving the look on his face when she purposefully ruined something too small for her. Beth had never experienced having a boyfriend that actually had a thing for her fat and gorging sessions, and she was having the time of her life. More than once they would share a bed together, and this quickly became her favourite summer fling.

Thirty days in and she was sitting at her usual seat in the mall food court when she noticed it was creaking below her. Sometimes it had done that before, but today it was more pronounced.

Which was no surprise- Beth had ballooned out to nearly three hundred and fifty pounds. Strict diet at home had seen her going out even more to partake in the excess offered by Mark, which had only served to speed up the spiral. Her toned legs became thick and her thighs had far more pronounced curves than even most at her weight, as the muscles she had developed shrunk with a lack of use. Her arms became flabbier as well, rarely used for much other than moving some item of food to her mouth. Her neck and chin had expanded as well, softening her face and giving her a double-chin. Perhaps in time a third, but for now her face remained shapely, if definitely soft.

Beth’s belly, of course, was a thing of beauty. All those stuffing sessions had enhanced her capacity to nearly godlike, and the thick coating of fat upon her stomach surrounded it and led to  large love-handles that flopped over her shorts. A deep belly-button seemed almost like a cave, and she was left huffing from even the shortest walks.

Of course her breasts had become more pronounced as a great deal of fat went there too, her cleavage becoming incredible enough that she didn’t even have to lean to get Mark’s attention anymore. Just looking at her sitting there sent a blush to his face, and he had to ignore her purposefully to get any work done.

The obese woman was just finishing her fourth bowl- and oddly still feeling hungry- when the chair creaked even more so. Glancing down- and unable to see more than her breasts and billowing rolls of belly- Beth became concerned.

Beth’s concern was well placed, as the metal chair gave way below her. The table legs, compressed from her weight, flung outwards and the whole thing dropped down. It didn’t actually hurt- her ass was large enough that the fall was padded by a pair of jello pillows- but she looked rather pathetic as she bounced and wobbled on the ground. People laughed, and the revealing clothing she had worn suddenly became a prison as the wobble of her fat body and engorged stomach was on show for all to see.

It was only the feeling of Mark’s hand on hers that steadied her nerves and kept her from outright crying. Beth looked at him, and she noticed how intense his blush was- he was seemingly aroused by this predicament.

“Mark!” Beth snapped, bringing her boyfriend back to reality. “Help me up!”

It took some effort. Grabbing both her hands and pulling, leaning backwards and grunting with effort, he slowly managed to get Beth to her feet. Even this movement left her wobbling, and the mere effort of lifting herself almost left her out of breath.

“Mark,” she said simply, one hand squishing into her thigh as she glared at him. “I’m fat.”

Mark blinked. “Well- yes. I thought you liked to be fat…”

Beth sighed. “No, Mark- I like to be healthy. Look at me, this is…” she swallowed, it did feel kind of good to be this big… but it was all too much. “This is too far. A hundred pounds too far.”

Mark, aware of how many were watching them, gestured to his stall and slowly led Beth over. She silently followed, more aware of how tiring the short walk was than she had been normally. How had she let it get to this point? Blinded by the promise of infinite food, apparently.

Sitting herself down in the back- on a reinforced cart- she crossed her arms and looked to Mark.

Mark was wistfully staring at her.

Beth reached out and slapped him with one flabby arm, before crossing it again. It was a rather weak slap- but it got the point across.

“Mark, why did you let me go this far?” she asked.

Mark was silent for a moment, thinking of a response. That just made Beth madder- clearly his response would be some sort of a lie.

“I- well this is what you wanted, isn’t it? Gaining weight?”

Beth growled, and poked him in the chest. “No, what I wanted was to finally stop /worrying/ about my weight. You’re… you’re the exact opposite of my mother- but you’re the same person!”

Mark was taken aback, and his ears flopped against his head.

“You never cared what I wanted, did you? You want me fat, mom wants me thin. You never considered to ask me if I would rather just be in the middle, did you? Just kept putting food infant of me and hoped I would never realize how far this was all going,” Beth continued, wobbling slightly with her strong words.

“Well, we’re going to fix it,” Beth added, standing and pushing Mark against the wall- using her own weight to press him against it. It would no doubt he arousing to him- if there wasn’t so much that she could probably break a rib if she pushed hard enough.

“You’re going to pay for my gym membership, and I’m not going to eat a single serving until I’m back down to two hundred. Is that understood?”

Mark nodded- finding himself pressed for breath- “Y-yes.”

“Good. I still like you- but you need to be punished for this…” Beth pushed away from him, and glanced around. She spotted a bit of celery used for- she wasn’t sure what, but she picked it up, and nibbled on it.

“You’re going to make me salads for the next month handsome, and low calorie drinks…” she said, and giggled- enjoying the way he squirmed.

Of course, Mark ended up using a lot of dressing on his salads…
Beth's Summer Fling
My contest entry for LordStormCaller's contest. 
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